Public Intelligence (PI)

Public Intelligence is an open and democratic ethics management platform to bring the right to intelligence, fairness, sustainability and accountability with technology. We collaborate and integrate regulations & standards to help apply ethics, manage disruption and certify innovations, seamlessly and practically.

Public Intelligence is a revolutionary new concept which aims to bring awareness of our human intelligence, alongside addressing the global and ethical challenges we face today.

Over centuries, we have acquired public knowledge through the development of skills, acquisition of tools, and practices to support survival as a human ecosystem. We refer to this system as our society. Our intelligence is a formation of these elements and has given rise to life as we know it, our economy, our education, our professions, our wealth, and our health. In industries such as agriculture, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare we use our intelligence, abilities, ideas, intuition, and experience to support every day decision making. The individual and collective power of ‘Public Intelligence’ is part of our DNA and an essential part of our human evolution.

“One of the biggest problems we face today is that we are not aware of the concept “Public Intelligence.”Sherin Mathew

Yet almost every day we lose our individual and collective intelligence, due to the introduction of rapid innovation and cutting-edge technology, Automation, AI, Robotics and Extended Reality (XR). This can transform us into being less human and more digital. 

When intelligence is digitalised, domesticated, and colonised for commercial benefit, it devalues our individual and collective Public Intelligence. The lack of public awareness about the reality of this is now negatively impacting our human intellectual capabilities and our sense of purpose.

Goals of Public Intelligence

The most important aspect of public intelligence is the awareness and protection of our natural human skills. To survive, work, and provide necessities such as shelter, food, finance & social stability. Our Public intelligence project has three goals:

1. Bringing awareness of public human intelligence to the masses

2. Promoting an understanding of intellectual disruption and colonisation

3. Managing and protecting our rights to our intelligence.

Principle 1
Right to

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Principle 2

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Principle 3

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Principle 4

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Principle 5

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We do not want to impact the freedom of innovation; we want to ensure we do not adversely impact the world and the people in it when harnessing the power of technology.

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