Who We Are

Our Mission

We are an international People's Intelligence Organisation researching, campaigning and innovating platforms for a New Human Rights to Save billions of Jobs from Unethical Innovations.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Robotics is built by consuming human Intelligence, the Public Intelligence project is about augmenting our jobs, saving our planet, and our future from the Intelligence Revolution.

There is a significant gap in peoples’ understanding of Artificial Intelligence and how it impacts real human intelligence, namely our right to protect OUR intelligence. An ongoing disregard for intelligence transfer to machines is often overlooked, and if continued to be ignored, this intelligence revolution will have a catastrophic impact. 

Public Intelligence is a crucial, powerful, impactful concept in the age of AI.  Its awareness is as critical as Climate Change! However, when unethical intelligent systems are created, they could impact and disrupt public intelligence with the loss of jobs, disruption to the ecosystem, society, and our planet.  

Our research focuses on the urgent need to safeguard our fundamental human rights to intelligence, which currently does not exist, and is at immediate global risk due to unregulated AI innovations and intelligence displacement from human to machine.

We are launching our Open Ethics Platform which helps the global innovators to apply ethics practically and transparently for any intelligent innovation.  It offers significant Accelerations, Cost Saving and Ethics Compliance Certificate 


*picture showing past timeline and current vision for the future*/

Core Team

Sherin Matthew – Founder and CEO
Aleksy Galkowski – Project Manager
Joel Thompson – Researcher and Software Developer
Aynura Ahmadova Cicek – AI Alliance Manager
Dr Muthu Ramachandran – Ethics Research Consultant

Our Expert Collaborators and Advisors

Abigail Holt
Barrister practising from leading human rights chambers, Member of the Executive Committee of the European Circuit of the Bar​
Ned (Nenad) Rava, PhD
Head of Programme, Joint SDG Fund. United Nations Sustainable Development Group​
Stefan Janusz
Head of AI Narratives at The Government Office for Artificial Intelligence​
Ana Chubinidze
Founder of non-profit organisation AI Governance International and independent consultant in the field of AI Ethics and Governance.​
Chintan Oza
President at OneQuantum India Region Director at Founder Institute Mumbai​
Keeley Crockett 
Professor in Computational Intelligence, Centre for Advanced Computational Science. Department of Computing and Mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK​

Our Supporters

World Economic Forum