Principle 3: Disruption Prevention

Principle 03

Disruption Prevention

Measures for displacement protection should be in place to minimise social disruption by taking measures to create seamless and sustainable innovations for existing ecosystems.

Public Intelligence Whitepaper

Why Do We Need it?

Imagine this scenario, a Taxi Driver is picking up a working couple from their workplace. Along the way they pick up nice fresh pastries from their friendly local bakery, waving at Dave the neighbouring farmer along the way. This is your ecosystem, and this experience could disappear with widescale adoption of Driverless Cars, Virtual reality teaching, AI management, and online recommended shopping. This is not just job loss, its skills loss, not just virtual engagement, its loss of human interaction. It impacts the way we live around our existing system. The fear of losing jobs to technology, a declining climate, and uncertainty across the world is at an all-time high.

Because technology today is designed for several purposes; experimental, research, augmenting human capabilities and in some cases, replacing humans, we need to consider the risk that comes with innovation and the impact it has, always asking the question will it have a detrimental impact on humans.

“An Advanced Intelligence system should be designed with a balanced, people-centric, environment friendly purpose to achieve beneficial and sustainable results.” Sherin Mathew